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The Cold One Apotamkin Book -




.. The Apotamkin comes into existence as a result of the evil. It would go about its evil activities as the worst example of evil and might even be seen as a demon. ... In their essence, the Apotamkin do not have to feed; as evil they become a self-sustaining life force that animates all creatures and is considered a force of nature. ... The Apotamkin have power over fire, wind, and thunder. It's commonly known that one can only stop the Apotamkin by shooting it with a gun. Apoch An Apoch is an evil spirit and supernatural being of the Navajo people, an entity so malevolent that it made some Navajos turn away from all spirituality. They are particularly active on holy days. When the Apoch enters a body, the person will become erratic and lose control of their body. The Apoch uses the person to do bad deeds and can even be out of the body at times. An Apoch can take on many forms, but it usually appears in the form of a black dog with red eyes. The Apoch also takes on the form of smoke and mist, which can infiltrate other beings or objects. They are also known for taking the form of a child, usually in the form of a young boy or girl. Animals Harebals ("foxes") Harebals are common Navajo symbols. These creatures are linked to a series of myths involving evil spirits, witches, and vengeful spirits of the deceased. In some of these myths, the spirits are driven by hunger, and the fox spirit was regarded as an incredibly evil and powerful being. Tsebi Tsebi are "horses of wind" and spirits of the wind. They are also known as "sick, spirit animals" and are often reported to possess individuals. Luamini Luamini are "swimmer horses" and spirits of the water. They also appear in Navajo legends as "waters-on-fire." Chaltani Chaltani are "wet-water horses" and spirits of the water. Their appearance as horses is typically disguised. Gweru Gweru are "wet-water horses" and spirits of the water. Their appearance as horses is typically disguised. Coshar Coshar are "riding spirits" that usually appear in the form




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The Cold One Apotamkin Book -
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