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Antipsychotic medications for adults with intellectual disabilities: changing the landscape. The authors compare the current use of antipsychotics in persons with intellectual disabilities in three countries (Canada, England, and Sweden) using data from 2005 to 2009. The data reveal changes in antipsychotic prescription patterns, particularly a decline in the use of older second-generation antipsychotics in the United Kingdom and Sweden and a shift toward the use of clozapine in England. Possible reasons for these changes include changes in legislation (improved rights for people with intellectual disabilities in England), increasing awareness of adverse effects, and the fact that care settings in the United Kingdom and Sweden are less restrictive. The study highlights the need for continued monitoring of the use of antipsychotic medications in persons with intellectual disabilities.Fusion is an efficient source of energy for power generation and has significant economic advantages over conventional fuel sources. Fusion reactors, whether they be stellarators or tokamaks, usually rely on magnetic fields to confine the plasma and extract energy. Current magnetic confinement devices have a major drawback: they are not scalable to commercial power plants. The device has a limited lifetime, typically 3-5, years before it must be replaced. One proposed solution to this problem is to use multiple magnetically confined devices, arranged in a cluster or array. Such systems of magnets can potentially provide the scalability needed for commercial power plants. However, in order to maintain sufficient plasma confinement, the magnets must be close to each other. For example, in a cluster, each magnet may need to be separated by just a few meters. Such short distances are not readily achieved in a straight line. This problem has been overcome in linear magnetic confinement devices (LMCDs). In these devices, magnets, arranged end to end, can be made to converge to a point. In order to provide the necessary magnetic confinement, the magnets must be separated by a distance that is an order of magnitude greater than in a single, linear device. There are several methods to manufacture LMCDs. They can be constructed from a series of single magnets, or as a single continuous strip of magnets. The magnets may be secured together using a winding method, or by welding them to a steel or other structural member. The magnets may be staggered in a continuous or segmented way. Alternatively, the magnets may be non-linear (e.g., quadratic or curved). When manufacturing LMCDs, it is preferable to make the magnets from a continuous, homogeneous




FULL DriverPack Solution 14.4 R414 (2022)

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